Get to know expert chef Tim Maddams

Up next in our ‘Who we are Wednesday’ feature, is the extremely experienced and talented Tim Maddams. If you have ever been on one of our game or foraging courses, you are sure to have met Tim. Find out a little bit more about the expert himself.

Name: Tim Maddams

How long have you been at Seasoned and what do you do?  

 I started teaching at Seasoned about 5 years, ago, so quite a long time now! – The best way to describe what I do is probably a free-range foodie.

What did you do before joining Seasoned?

I was a professional head chef in a variety of places, including leading the River Cottage team at Axminster. I have also written a few books too, including the River Cottage A-Z and the River Cottage Game Handbook.

What is your favourite cook book and why?

My favourite cookbook of all time has to be Alistair Little’s Keep it Simple: a Fresh Look at Classic Cooking, I think keeping it simple is harder than you think, so you should be brave enough to do just that!

What do you most like to cook?

 I like to cook whatever is seasonal, really good and near me at the time.

What was your favourite thing to cook as a child?

 It has to be Cinnamon Toast – It is just so quick and easy and it tastes really sweet.

What is your favourite cuisine?

That is a hard one. I love so many different types, but I think I’d have to say italian. Purely because of the simplicity and the use of seasonal ingredients.


And finally… What is your favourite tea and treat?

My favourite treat has to be a crumpet smothered in butter, they are so tasty. My favourite tea has to be Assam.


If you have got more dying questions for Tim, then join him on one of his cookery course days. Alternatively, find out who else we have running our celebrity chef cookery courses.

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