Savory or sweet Seasoned Cookery School have found their top tips for you to try out when creating a pastry dish.  From world-class chefs to television giants we have found something for everyone.

If you are looking to perfect your pastry guide to pastry, the following pastry guides will help you.  Or come and try this out in person, with 2012 BBC Great British Bake, Brendan Lynch on our Brilliant Baking Course.  Soggy bottoms will be a thing of the past!

Step-by-step pastry case guide 

Starting off with one of the all time great chefs, Delia Smith.  She has provided a step-by-step guide to creating a world-class pastry case that can be filled with all sorts of delicious delights; the base for a quiche, or filled with succulent steak to create a Seasoned favourite steak and ale pie.


Want to be an expert at making pastry? Well look no further, the expert pie makers at Pieminster have generously provided the world with a ten-step guide. Their main lesson being patience and persistence is one of the most important aspects when tackling a new cooking challenge.


When making tarts, this is an excellent way to line your tin so the pastry won’t crack.

TV Tips 

Work quickly. When creating a pastry dish the key is to keep hands light and cool so as not to overwork the dough, which may create a chewy texture when the dish is cooked. Also, when creating your pastry masterpieces don’t forget to factor in shrinking of the pastry when in the oven.

Video Demonstration

Work alongside a professional Chef. Just click on the link above to see how Heston Blumenthal creates a short crust pastry from scratch. Any budding chef will know the best way to learn how to cook is to experiment with different ingredients in different dishes, and no one does this better than Henton Blumenthal.

Do you want to try making pastry with a 2012 BBC Great British Bake of finalist? Try our Brilliant Baking Course taught by the amazingly talented Brendan Lynch.

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