Alternative Guy Fawkes Night Recipes

Posted on 03/11/16

We traditionally associate Guy Fawkes Night food with sausages, apples and warming soup; but there are so many seasonal British foods out there that can be the perfect alternative partner to a roaring bonfire.

Smoked game




November is right in the middle of game season. Given Seasoned’s positioning in the Old Stables on the Catton Hall estate we’ll often see various game amble across our path on the commute to work.

Tim Maddams, our game expert, is a huge fan of all the seasonal produce and has a fabulous recipe for a rub perfect for pigeon, pheasant or duck. The meat then could be smoked to give it a heady, aromatic taste.

Learn more about prepping and cooking game with Tim Maddams.


One Pot Wonders


seasoned cookery interior


If you’re entertaining this Guy Fawkes Night you can’t go wrong with a large, one pot dish that guests can help themselves to as they stand and watch the fireworks. On our One Pot Wonders course we teach you how to make smoky pork with boston beans. All it needs it a huge slab of crusty bread to soak up all the glorious sauce.

Fire up the BBQ




Maybe it’s a bit of spice that you need and who says that you can’t BBQ in November? Marinate the beef, light the coals and serve these BBQ Herefordshire beef skewers with salad, cashew nut dip and freshly warmed naan breads.

Toffee apple twist


Toffee apple and cider cake


Who doesn’t love a bite of sticky apple on Bonfire Night? Our Toffee Apple Cider Cake made with Aspalls cider is the perfect dessert and dare we say it made even better with a pool of steaming custard.