Blue Skies stepped through the Seasoned doors with the happy, hard-working attitude that their company pride themselves in. Their brief was for a fun, cookery team building day with copious happy memories to take back to the offices afterwards.

After welcoming drinks and a quick icebreaker which soon highlighted the budding masterchef’s from the microwave masters the team at Blue Skies picked up their pinnie’s to begin cooking!

The Masterchef Challenge theme of their team day added a sense of friendly competitiveness between colleagues.  Different elements of the day focused on different themes – boosting confidence, listening, creativity and communication, with the key theme being teamwork.

Skills test 

The team kick started the day at Seasoned with a skills test to really show who could listen as teams had to replicate a dish that Jeff the chef demonstrated.  Jeff demonstrated how to fillet a mackerel and cook a delicious mackerel, beetroot and horseradish dish.  Teams then replicated this dish – after a few hiccups filleting everyone managed to successfully achieve this culinary task with great tasting results which were enjoyed in our dining room.


After the starter had been devoured teams re-grouped for a palate test.  Here, teams had to guess the ingredients that had gone into a given dish.  With results being scored this was an easy way to get the competitive spirit going!   Amazing teamwork was presented by Blue Skies, an attribute that they should be proud of!   After guessing the ingredients the dish was then demonstrated and teams made the dish for lunch, enjoying a glass of wine whilst colleagues stirred their risottos!

The final task of the day was a desert of raspberry soufflé with chocolate ganache biscuit towers. The word ‘soufflé’ daunted a few contenders but will great perseverance they all produced outstanding soufflés that were light, fluffy and full of flavour.

The team from Blue Skies left with a spring in their step and the microwave masters were certainly one step closer to being budding masterchefs!!

Feedback from the team at Blue Skies:

“We definitely achieved our goals that we set out for the day. We went away knowing our colleagues better and judging by the amount of photographs that we took with smiles on peoples faces, we all had a really fun, educational team day. The teamwork that we presented at Seasoned, had immediate effect back in the office. We were inundated with the humorous stories from the day, but the effects from helping each other under the gentle pressure have endured.

A personal highlight for a lot of us was that we discovered that we could really prepare good food and cook it! However, a real discovery was the sheer depth of the bonhomie in our teams. All of the team that came to Seasoned were truly impressed with the spacious and beautifully equipped venue, the polished performance from Jeff, the chef, and the friendly, professional and superbly organised Seasoned team.”

With thanks to Jeff the chef and all at Blue Skies for making it such a fun team cookery day. 

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