7 Delicious Chocolate Recipes!

Posted on 23/03/16

With Easter only a few days away we’ve created a list of our favourite Chocolate Recipes!! These delicious recipes will help you make the most of any chocolate that you may or may not have left this Easter!!


All these recipes have been created by the Seasoned Team and are quick, easy and extremely tasty!!

    1. Chocolate Chip and Raisin Cookie Recipe – We bake these delicious cookies everyday at Seasoned for our welcome drinks and refreshments! This Cookies are a favourite of ours, as they are quick simple but extremely scrumptious. Perfect for if you’ve only got a little bit of chocolate left over!Chocolate chip and raisin cookies
    2. Chocolate Cookie Recipe – Theses Chocolate Cookies are the perfect afternoon sweet snack to cure those chocolate cravings & to have with a cup of tea or to share with all your friends.
    3. Chocolate Orange Cake – This cake is for the chocolate orange lovers out there! Its the perfect cake to bake at special occasions & you will need lots of chocolate for this bake!!Chocolate Orange cake
    4. Chocolate Peanut Square Recipe – If you like peanut butter, you will LOVE these chocolate peanut squares, they are the perfect sweet and salty snack and are extremely easy to make!
    5. Chocolate Orange Tiffin– Like our Chocolate Peanut Square these are a delicious chocolate orange alternative! This recipes is so versatile and can be altered to suit your own favourite flavour combinations. 
      chocolate tiffin
    6. Chocolate Brownie Recipe – These scrumptious brownies will get heads turning and you will quickly become everyones best friend! They are the perfect consistency and not too rich! Chocolate Brownies
    7. Chocolate Truffle Recipe – These smooth rich truffles are irresistible!! Once you know how simple these are to make you will be making them all the time! The are also perfect presents for chocolate lovers!  Chocolate truffles copy


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