Sudha Shankar Saha, award winning Indian chef, teaches an Indian cookery course near Birmingham at Seasoned Cookery School.  In Sudha’s cookery course ‘Contemporary Indian’, he will be teaching people how to make delicious contemporary Indian cuisine

Find out more about Sudha, the cookery course that he teaches and his approach to Indian food:

What has been your top foodie discovery recently?

Introducing MOLECULAR GASTRONOMY into cookery i.e using spices to the protein to give a more intense flavour and using molecular gastronomy techniques to get consistent results.


Why do you love teaching?

I love teaching courses to impart my knowledge and passion about Indian cuisine to people who really want to learn.   In my classes we take curries to the next level!


Where is the best place you recently eaten? 

Outside of Birmingham’s vibrant food scene, ‘The Ledbury’ based in Notting Hill, London cannot be beaten with the fantastic food and front of house experienced. My food is contemporary Indian in style, however their kitchen has a way of re-inventing some of the old rustic ways of cooking to produce astonishing food for today’s inquisitive palates.  For example celeriac baked in ash with wood sorrel and even an intricately worked dish of Hereford snails in a mousse line of herbs with pickled carrots, cep mushrooms, marmalade and roasted oxtail juices.

What is your food heaven and hell?

Food heaven: Seafood (because of it’s freshness) Food hell: stilton (I cannot stand the smell)

What dish do you currently want to perfect?

Spicing protein and cooked by sous vide techniques. Spherification of spiced puree of aubergine.

What have you got planned in the next month or two?

My restaurant in Birmingham is very busy and I am enjoying teaching Indian cookery classes.  I’m also hoping for an restaurant project to materialise in LONDON… and have discussions going on with investors.


If you are inspired by Sudha check out his Contemporary Indian cookery course, which is taught at Seasoned in South Derbyshire.

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