Andrew Kojima, is very passionate about his Japanese heritage and loves to share his knowledge on his Japanese cookery courses, which are held at our kitchen located at Catton Hall in South Derbyshire.

Andrew was 2012 Masterchef finalist, renowned for his delicious Japanese food and creating superb fine dining dishes.  Andrew left his job in the City of London to move to the countryside and take his passion for Japanese cooking even further.  Andrew teaches a Japanese cookery course with us at Seasoned and focuses on private dining and Japanese recipe development.  

What has been your top foodie discovery recently?

I’m lucky enough to be a judge of the Great Taste Awards, so every year, I come across dozens of wonderful new products.

Where is the best place you’ve eaten at recently?

I ate at Kurobuta, a fun, casual Japanese restaurant in London.

What is your food heaven & your food hell?

Food heaven – pretty much anything Japanese or Thai.

Food hell – I chose Andouilette (tripe sausage) in a Paris bistro a few years ago – not something I would choose again. I’m not a fan of cooked liver or kidneys. Otherwise, I’m all for offal – heart, brain, sweetbreads.

What dish do you currently want to perfect?

I don’t believe that perfection exists in food but I’d love to go to Japan and watch chefs there aiming for it.

What have you got planned in the next month or two?

At the end of September, I am doing a MasterChef restaurant with previous winner Dhruv Baker and fellow finalist Tom Rennolds. Also in October, I’m heading to Seasoned!


If you have any loved ones who would like to come on a Japanese cookery or baking course click on the icon below to find out more! We are located on the Catton Hall estate in South Derbyshire, just 30 minutes from Birmingham and in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.


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