5 Foodie Father's Day gift ideas

Posted on 08/06/17

It’s a week until you need to thank the father figure in your life. We’ve compiled five things we think all foodie dads will love.

Men in the Kitchen


Foodie father's day - men in the kitchen course


We all know someone who Men in the Kitchen course would be perfect for. Think a wannabe foodies, or the dad who need to move on from baked beans on toast. All the basics and more are covered during the day and it makes the perfect foundation for taking part in other courses in the future like Best of British Meat.

Weber BBQ courses


foodie fathers day weber grill academy at Seasoned


Weber are renowned for their BBQ prowess and we are one of Weber’s Grill Academies. We run a range of courses in conjunction with them showing that barbecues are not just for burgers and sausages. Think risotto, cooking the perfect steak and even chocolate fondant puddings over the coals.

Find our more about the type of Weber courses we run.


Penderyn Whisky

Penderyn make a host of Welsh whiskies and other spirits at their distillery in the Brecon Beacons. Their Sherrywood Single Malt is a treat for all whisky lovers and it’s smooth taste can convert the people who are not such big whisky fans. If you’re ever near their distillery it is well worth a visit to their shop and tour.

Discover other great British drinks on our Forage & Feast course with Tim Maddams.


IO Shen Knife

Everyone needs a good knife. Here at Seasoned we use IO Shen knives on our courses. People often comment on how ergonomic they feel and often go on to buy one after the course. If we had to pick just one from the IO Shen collection it would be the Oriental Slicer.

Sharpen up your knife skills on a half day course.


Stovetop smoker

Smoking food is showing a bit of a resurgence and it’s easy to do at home. No expensive, specialist equipment needed. Saying that iyou can’t go far wrong with a Camerons Stovetop Smoker from SousChef. This means you can smoke in minutes on your hob, stove or even BBQ.

Learn the art of smoking on our Smoking & Curing course.