Our annual cook book review is a combination of our favourite cookbook purchases, a sneak peak into our Christmas present wish lists, recommendations from customers and some new discoveries from the chefs and kitchen team at Seasoned.  We hope you enjoy.

Indian in 7 

Monisha launched her 16th book this year – Indian in 7.  The book is beautifully photographed and contains an array of Indian recipes all with 7 ingredients or less.  It’s a firm favourite and the dahl recipes in it are some of our favourites.










If you follow Jenny Chandler on Instagram you’ll know that one of her top books for this year is Sour by Mark Diacono.  This book explores sour flavours, from fermented foods like kombucha and kimchi to yoghurt, keffir and pickles.  Mark explains what makes things sour and gives recipes that maximise the power of this amazing taste.












This is Camino

Chef Tim Maddams has just introduce us to this book.  It is a book based on fire based cooking approach from the incredible Camino restaurant in Oakland, California.    Well worth a read for the BBQ lovers out there.










The Book of St John 

The book of St John is a classic and on the Christmas list this year for us after a strong recommendation from Andy Tyrell.  For anyone who’s been on our Best of British Meat course, this book will show you more about the different cuts of meat and a proper approach to ‘nose to tail’ eating.









The Green Roasting Tin

This is a favourite from a Seasoned regular who wanted easy mid week meals suitable for adults and children.  The book focuses on delicious vegetarian dishes that are either great as stand alone dishes or great with meat as a side dish.  Buy on Amazon here.










Our friends and followers on social media have been championing Delia, especially her Christmas book, which stands proud on many bookcases.  If you are looking for fail safe Christmas recipes then look no further…. Delia’s Christmas. 








Nigel Slater’s Christmas 

Also recommended by Seasoned guests were Nigel Slater’s books, especially his Christmas Chronicles.  Nigel is renowned for his simple, easy to follow, delicious recipes, so perhaps this should be a stocking filler this Christmas.










Ottolenghi is a firm favourite with Seasoned customers and kitchen fairies.  Our personal favourite is his ‘sweet‘ book, his frozen espresso parfait is one of Clare’s favourite desserts.  Enjoy & let us know which recipes you enjoy.










For children…. 

Our top recommendation for children remains the fabulous ‘cool kids cook‘ by Jenny Chandler.  Easy to follow proper recipes for 8-13 year olds.  Enjoy – a great read for any young person interested in food.







Georgina Hayden has some lovely books, focusing on amazing flavours with simple ingredients.  We hope you enjoy.










Tartine is our favourite bread making bible.  Written by Chad Robertson in San Francisco, Chad’s technique is easy to follow and when mastered his recipes make amazing bread.  There are new books to add to your collection – Tartine 3 which explores different grains and bread recipes including one of our favourite’s, porridge bread.  There is also a rewritten version of Tartine, A Classic Revisited, which includes bread, cakes, tarts and more.  We’re spoilt for choice 🙂







We hope this has given you some ideas for Christmas 2019 and some great reads for 2020.  Enjoy!

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