Risotto is a dish that many people are scared of cooking; however, it is nothing to be afraid of! Once mastered; it is an extremely versatile dish, perfect as a light starter, an accompaniment to fish, game, or simply served by itself. 

We have collected our ten favourite risotto recipes for you to replicate and show off at home to family and friends.

Seafood Risotto

Our Italian chef Sara Danesinfinalist on BBC Masterchef, has created a stunning seafood risotto which encompasses all that is Italian! Even though this recipe requires a homemade fish stock which may require a little more effort, it is well worth the wait, especially if you are looking for a dish to really wow your guests on flavour! You can learn how to cook this dish on our Italian Cookery Course at Seasoned Cookery School in Derbyshire.

Wild mushroom risotto with Parmesan

This classic risotto combination is always a crowd pleaser!  Simple ingredients, explosive flavours! For those of you who want to push the boundaries, try making a Parmesan crisp for a cheffy presentation finish!

Deep fried risotto balls

Ever made too much risotto? This recipe is perfect for using up those leftovers to make a fantastic light bite or simple, flavoursome starter.  Don’t have any left overs?  Try this recipe by making your risotto the day before and storing in the fridge overnight.  Experiment with any flavour combinations you like!

Chicken, chorizo and rosemary risotto

Fusion food is becoming increasingly popular, and this risotto is not exception by combining Spanish chorizo sausage with Italian flavours in this beautifully fragrant and flavourful risotto.

 Courgette and herb risotto

If you have herbs going to waste in the garden because you don’t have a recipe to do them justice then look no further.  This risotto recipe will ensure that your herbs are the star of the show, and is the perfect accompaniment to roast chicken or simply a wedge of lemon.

Asparagus, mint and lemon risotto

This recipe, by the master of simple Italian cooking, Jamie Oliver, is light and Summery and a perfect served with pan fried fish or chicken, or try halving the portions to make a fantastic light starter.

Four cheese risotto

Love cheese? Love risotto? If this is you then you are sure to love this cheese-tastic recipe! 

Oven baked risotto carbonara

Delia has taken a typical pasta dish but has substituted spaghetti for carnaroli rice.  If cooking risotto puts you off due to constant stirring, then this dish is perfect for you as it is oven baked! So set the timer, sit back and relax whilst your risotto cooks!

Honey, apricot and white wine sweet risotto on cinnamon chocolate sauce

Only ever thought that risotto could be savoury? Well you were wrong! This sweet risotto is the perfect end to a meal and is definitely a step up from ‘old school’ rice pudding.

 Sweet risotto fritters with strawberry and rhubarb compote

Wow friends and family with a completely unique dessert! Try different compote flavours to compliment seasonal fruits, or simply just serve with jam.

If you would like to share your favourite risotto recipes with us, post them on our Facebook page for us to see! For more information about our Italian cookery classes or any of our other cookery courses, please click here.

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