10 best recipes with chocolate

Posted on 13/03/14

It is not a secret that everyone in the Seasoned office loves something sweet now and again! Here are our 10 best recipes with chocolate to help you indulge yourself in a little bit of heaven

Chocolate Sauce

We will start you off with a recipe from one of the most experienced chocolate chefs we know; Barry Colenso. His chocolate sauce is simple but divine! Perfect to add to a dessert or ice cream and will freeze so you can have it on demand! Enjoy with any of the below recipes if you are a self-confessed chocoholic!

Chocolate Eclairs

We couldn’t resist using this next recipe from The Pink Whisk. With gloriously glossy chocolate spread on top of the puffy choux pastry, what’s not to love! Ruth Clemens, owner of The Pink Whisk, recently taught this recipe at Seasoned Cookery School and they all went down a treat.

Chocolate Fondant Puddings

BBC Good Food are choc- full of great recipes to which satisfy any taste, especially a sweet tooth like ours!  One of our favourites is Gordon Ramsey’s Chocolate Fondant Pudding which is perfect to make ahead of time and will make be a perfect finish to your main meal!

Chocolate Banana Bread

Banana bread is perfect for using up over ripe bananas and (thankfully!) goes perfectly with chocolate. Based on Nigella’s recipe, food blogger Jules (Butcher, Baker) has blogged a fail safe recipe, which cuts back on the sugar but still delivers a sweet, delicious taste.

Chocolate and Orange Melting Moments

A seasoned special, from our very own Jo Martin, is positively dreamy with the right amount of tang to spruce up any ordinary biscuit. With its short and crumbly texture held together by a rich, chocolate, creamy filling you won’t be able to resist having one after the other. Brendan Lynch of The Great British Bake Off, has taken them under his wing to teach people how to create them on his ‘Chocolate Baking Course‘ held at Seasoned.

Cocoa & Partridge Ravioli

Okay, so this delightful recipe includes cocoa and not chocolate but once you taste it you will forgive us! You may be put off with the thought of a chocolate taste in a savoury dish, but the cocoa adds richness and depth to the pasta dough and gives it a fantastic, silky taste. Written by our Italian chef Sara Danesin Medio for the BBC we can give you reviews first hand that it is definitely something to try and you will be wanting more of this fantastic, sophisticated dish!

Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate brownies are an essential to any chocoholics diet and our very own Seasoned recipe guarantees crisp topped brownie with a gooey, soft inside. They are great for family and friends and will even freeze so you can enjoy them hassle free later in the month!

Gluten Free Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

With her charming way of creating indulgent dishes, Nigella is certainly not shy to add generous amounts of all things sweet, especially chocolate! If you can’t eat wheat or gluten for whatever reason, you shouldn’t be made to feel left out. This gorgeously moist cake, will even leave your gluten eating friends and family wanting more and more!

Chocolate Mousse

Taken straight from her cookbook, eat like a girl blogger, aka, Niamh Shields, shares her childhood favourite dessert chocolate mousse with honeycomb. Simple and fun, this dish is great to whip up as a light dessert with the added shine of your own homemade honeycomb. You will feel like a domestic goddess in no time!

Homemade Chocolate Truffles

Is there anything that Delia Smith cannot do?! With her knowledge and timeless baking experience behind her, we knew we had to include one of Delia’s recipes. Chocolate truffles are decadent and moreish, and this indulgent recipe certainly does the trick. With only minimalist ingredients and different variations, you are sure to create a handful of treats that are time efficient and delicious!

Please share your favourite chocolate recipes with us to satisfy our chocoholic appetites either below or on our Facebook page! OR visit our website and take a look at our chocolate baking course!