Overview of the course

For cooks looking to learn an array of different techniques, this Artisan food course is an action-packed introduction to key skills which will transform your cooking at home.

Led by TV chef Tim Maddams, this one day cookery course will teach you how to maximise flavour by curing and hot smoking, make fresh bread, simple curd cheese and home made pasta. These are all techniques that you can replicate at home with different flavours and ingredients as the seasons change.


Techniques learnt on this course will be:

By the end of this artisan food course, you will have mastered the following key techniques:

– How to make fresh bread

– Make a  simple curd cheese from Raw milk and flavour this with seasonal herbs

– Hot smoke, a versatile technique which can be used on a variety of meat, fish and game

– Make pasta from scratch, rolling it by hand

– How to make a tasty relish to accompany your bread and cheese

This day long course is designed to give you total confidence in applying all of these techniques, so that you will have no trouble repeating the recipes when you get home.


Tim Maddams: the expert chef who will take you through the course

Tim Maddams is a writer, presenter, private chef, cookery teacher and an expert in seasonal and artisan cookery. He is perhaps most famous for leading the River Cottage team in Devon, but he has also appeared on high profile shows such as BBC Food and Drink, and Sunday Brunch on Channel 4. He has written numerous newspaper columns (for publications as varied as The Ecologist and Shooting Times), and he also published the compendious foodie bible known as ‘The River Cottage A-Z’ and the River Cottage Game Handbook. There is nothing like learning with a top chef in person, and his one day Artisan food course will let you see his immense skill with artisan food in action.


Dishes made on the day*:

Throughout the day, you will learn to cook all of these delicious recipes, and you will be able to enjoy tasting your own creations, as well as taking some elements home to enjoy with friends and family:

– Fresh pasta with cauliflower, chilli and garlic

– Focaccia bread

– Delicious simple curd cheese flavoured with olive oil and fresh herbs

– Hot smoked trout

– Seasonal Relish

*Please note, we reserve the right to alter the dishes covered in the course, if required to meet the dietary requirements or allergy concerns of our guests.


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Food & Travel Review 

“Tim Maddams talks quickly, which is just as well as we’ve got a lot to get through.  The former head chef of the River Cottage Canteen’s course covers bread, cheese, pasta, hot smoking and preserving.  Things don’t feel rushed though in the airy and well appointed kitchens of Seasoned Cookery School. 

One is used to eating well on cookery courses, but taking home a goodie bag is a real treat. I can’t wait to get some rennet and start cheese making at home.  That’s the real bonus: after just one day with Tim we have come away with the skills and techniques that we can build on and adapt for years to come.”  

Food & Travel Magazine – December 2016