About Andy Tyrrell

Andy has a love for traditional cookery techniques with a particular passion for bread and sourdough.  His creativity, technical expertise and knowledge make him the ideal person to lead our bread making course.

Andy had a successful career running a gastro-pub, which focused on seasonal ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. He is now senior sous chef at River Cottage in Dorset, as well as teaching around the UK.

Andy Tyrrell is the perfect master chef to teach this course. He has a particular love of sourdough, from starter to finished loaf. He’ll share his best hints and tips for creating delicious bread of all kinds, including how to keep your starter in top condition.

Join Andy Tyrell for a day of Christmas Bread Making, learning the art of Stollen, Brioche and Grissini. Not only will you make these delicious breads, but you'll also learn how to create the perfect Danish pastries too.

Learn the art of Sourdough Bread Making on our sourdough making course.  Suitable for people who either beginners or those who have tried making sourdough before and want tips and tricks on how to succeed at home.  Previous course participants have gone onto make sourdough successfully on a weekly basis at home, transforming their home kitchens into mini bakeries!